How to Become a Better Programmer: A General Guide for Aspiring Coders

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My Journey from JavaScript to Rust: An Unexpected Voyage

My Journey from JavaScript to Rust: An Unexpected Voyage As a seasoned JavaScript and TypeScript developer, I have spent a significant portion of my career building dynamic web applications, mobile apps, and everything in between. While I loved the flexibility and power that

The Uncharted Territory of JavaScript Technical Interviews: A Survival Guide

Introduction Ah, the dreaded JavaScript technical interview – that nerve-wracking rite of passage for any aspiring software engineer. The battlefield where code warriors engage in fierce combat, wielding arrays and objects like swords and shields, and slinging arrow functions with deadly precision. You’ve

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Recently, I landed a frontend developer job after going through a series of technical interviews. One of the key challenges I faced was mastering JavaScript, a fundamental language used extensively in frontend development. To help others facing the same challenge, I have compiled

How to Build a Stunning 3D Scene with React Three Fiber and React Spring

In this tutorial, we’ll be building an interactive 3D scene using React Three Fiber and the Three.js library. Specifically, we’ll be creating a scene with a randomized and changeable color icosahedron, and a tooltip that displays the current colour when the mouse hovers

Advanced Techniques for Efficient Data Serialization in JavasScript JSON.stringify()

Data serialization is an essential process for transmitting and storing data in a format that can be easily interpreted by other systems. When it comes to serialization in JavaScript, JSON.stringify() is the most popular method for converting JavaScript objects into JSON format. However,

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